Access violation at address 1A976B25 in module 'eware.dll'. Read of address 00000008

CRM 2020 R1 custom entity.  I've added a Notes tab using the standard CRM "notelist" system act.

The new tab shows the standard Notes list page with "New Note" button.  Clicking the button shows the new note entry screen where I can type a note, but clicking "Save" gets a "An unexpected event has occurred".  In the ewaresystem log there is a message "EAccessViolation: Access violation at address 1A976B25 in module 'eware.dll'. Read of address 00000008".

The note is actually created - when the notes tab is clicked again it appears in the list.

Is there a fix for this or an alternative notes page?  Or do I have to roll my own?


  • Hi Paul,

    This is a known issue and is on the 'fix' list. You will probably find that if you repeat this process immediately after logging into CRM that you do not get this error, it only happens when the user has added something elsewhere prior to adding the note.

    This was reported back in 2019R1 and was still present in R2.

    I haven't fully tested in 2020R2 as there is another show stopper if your Custom Entity has workflow, where any field actions on the primary rule are ignored and the fields are null after save (set column value or display field for amendment)!!

    As far as your error is concerned I'd recommend logging with Sage but refer to it as an existing issue.. They can then provide you with their allocated code and you'll be able to see if it is in the resolved issues in the release notes.


  • Thanks Roger.  I tried creating a note immediately after logging in - it still caused the error.

    I think I'll just write my own asp page for this - you can grow old waiting for Sage to fix anything.