Best way to add a screen in CRM

Hi all,

I am wanting to customise CRM.

1: I want to create a new 'Action' type for the communications entity called, say, ABC.
2: I then want to add a new tab to the Company record that lists out those tasks with a type of ABC.
3: I will then create a background program to create/complete tasks in the background.

I am fine with 1 and 3 but I would appreciate any advice on 2. Would the best way to do this be to display a screen using an ASP page?

Just after a starting point.

Many thanks

  • Screens in CRM are populated by called SQL views. It depends on how you want the screen to look. If it's a list, then just create a new view that selects all from vListCommunication where comm_action = 'ABC'.

    To be fair, CRM can display this already by going into the communications list and and filtering on the task type of ABC, so you'd be doing a lot of work to save 2 clicks of choosing the option, and clicking the filter button. Also, the communications tab has quite a lot of functionality that is useful, so it would make more sense just to tell the users how to filter the task list.