Sage Quick Find results - (Business)?

When searching Quick FInd we see the same company twice, Once as the company name and another with its company name plus (Business). What is (Business) and how can we remove it from the search?


  • I can't remember which version started doing this, but by default the Quick Find will include searches over the vEmailComposer, vPhoneComposer and vAddressComposer views, and it's probably the results of these searches you're seeing.

    A fix (which I've implemented on our in-house CRM) is:

    1) Stop the Quick Find service.
    2) Locate the QuickFind 'instance' folder - typically under \Sage\CRM\CRM, at the same level as WWWRoot. Rename that QuickFind folder out of the way.
    3) Then locate the QuickFind 'template' folder - typically under Sage\CRM\Services.
    4) In the CRM\Services\QuickFind\Templates\instance\conf folder you'll find an xml file called 'data-config-fixed'. Edit this file to comment out everything apart from the root tags (<document name="crm">/<document>).
    5) Restart the QuckFind service and it'll create a new instance based on the modified template.