Setting Quotes and Orders as View only for users

As the Quotes and Orders are not part of the user security profile in standalone CRM, has anyone come across an easy way to make them read only for certain users?

I have a scenario where the sales team can view/create/edit opportunities but raising quotes/orders is an admin task only, so an admin user will raise the quote but the salesperson will then have visibility and progress....

Any suggestions appreciated.



  • Quite simple. In a validate script just check if the user is part of the allowed list. You could manually maintain the list in the script or create a caption family so you can maintain it there. If the user isn't in that list you make valid = false and then put set the errorstr = to a message of your choosing. This doesn't stop them creating one but they can't save it. They won't do it twice

  • And the validate script would go on any field on the quote and/or order.

    You could prevent access to opportunities. That should prevent them being able to create the parent oppo record. Not tried it so just thinking aloud

  • You could put some script on the New Quote, Change, New Line items etc buttons to stop them accessing these, whilst will being able to view the quote

    crm.ready(function () {

  • Thanks for ideas, I can see where this is going and the more I look at it it's not just the new buttons but change/convert and add line options as well....

    May be a request to add it into the security profile is best....

  • One thing I'll try is introducing a territory field (quot_secterr) and then editing custom_tables to promote it to a primary table.

    This should then make it avaliable in the security profes