How does the Mailchimp <> CRM integration handle external subscribers?

Hi all,

we are planning to extend our Sage CRM system with the mailchimp feature. One thing I don’t understand is how the synchronization of external opt-ins or contacts into Sage CRM works.

With external opt-ins I mean for example if a person clicks on the registration button for our newsletter on our website. Will this contact be synchronized with CRM? And how?


Thank you very much


  • Hi Alex,

    No, it's one way in that sense, CRM is your source data - using groups you then send information to MailChimp for your email. 

    If people are going to your website to fill in information because they want to log some interest, then that form needs to populate CRM (e.g. a Lead record) not MailChimp, so that the information exists in CRM for you to then pass onto MailChimp 

  • Alex

    The integration takes a precautionary approach to managing permissions.  Sage CRM makes the assumption that contact management is driven from within Sage CRM. A group of contacts based on (Leads, Companies or Persons) will be sent to a Mailchimp audience.  If the CRM contact is unknown to Mailchimp it will be added to the subscribers within that audience.  During synchronization if an email address is 'unsubscribed' within Mailchimp then that contact in the Sage CRM group will be marked as unsubscribed  in CRM(whether Lead, Person or Company).  The group that was sent from Sage CRM is created as a static segment within the audience.  BUT whereas Mailchimp only has a single type of subscriber uniquely defined by the email address, Sage CRM allows that email address to be associated with a Lead, a Company or a Person.  (And depending on how Sage CRM is configured an email address may not be unique to a person or to a lead).  The problem faced by Sage CRM is that if a contact subscribes or re-subscribes to a Mailchimp audience it does not know whether that new subscriber represents a Lead, Person or Company. 

    Consequently to add new subscribers from Mailchimp into Sage CRM as a contact they would have to be imported as a Lead, Company or Person and you may not have all the information that Sage CRM requires to completely define the something like a Person or Company. 

    I hope that makes sense!

  • Dear Sage CRM,
    dear Matthew,

    thank you for your prompt reply! After reviewing your answer, Sage CRM, is it possible if a client subscribes to our newsletter via website, for example, that always a new lead will be created? This lead could be merged with an existing person from our CRM database, if already existent. Furthermore, this would be in line with preexistent standard features of Sage CRM (e.g. merging leads with existing persons or companies).

    Thanks again for your support.

  • Hi Alexander,

    Yes, there are two ways to do this. If you have a form on your website when they hit 'submit' if this then sends an email to a dedicated mailbox, CRM can be told to monitor that mailbox and then process a script that tells it what to do with the email (e.g. create a new lead, put the company name in the name name field etc....) you will probably need your business partner to help you write the script here. 

    second option (my less preferred option). Is the 'Web-to-Lead' option, if your CRM is externally accessible (e.g. https://.,....) then you can put together the web lead screen, then there is an option in CRM to produce some HTML coding that you can put on a website. The user then fills in the form and when they hit submit it directly updates CRM. Not a fan of this myself there are several things here that can go wrong.