Linking people to a custom entity

Hi there,

I created a custom entity using the Advanced Customization Wizard where our employees are able to create reports for meetings, that they had to advance the opportunity, directly inside the CRM. I want to both be able to see which people participated in those meetings in the 'report' entity and also be able to see all the meetings a person attended in the 'people' entity.

The report entity is properly connected to the people entity (I selected both "Has people" and "Owned by people" in the setup process) and therefore has a tab where I can link people to the specific report by pressing the Link button. After pressing the button it opens a "search for person" where I can search for people as expected and link them to the report. After selecting a person they do show up in the people tab inside the report entity. 

However, in the reports tab in the people entity the visit report only ever shows up if they are chosen as the primary person in the personID field of the report, not after I linked them in the person tab from the reports.

(The one entry is the report where they were selected as the primary person in the personID field, the other report where I linked them to above does not show up)

The tabs both were auto-generated by the Wizard and link to custom files called "PersonBesuberichte.asp" and "BesuberichtePerson.asp" (so the names of the entities) respectively. Is there any way I can change the behaviour so that after linking the entities in one tab it also shows up in the tab of the other entity?  Or is  there another solution that would fit my needs better? While searching for a solution I stumbled upon the relationship tab and set up a custom relationship but I guess this would be a bit too complicated for our non-tech-savy employees.

Thanks in advance