Calendar entries showing incorrect organizer.

Hello, we have our CRM 2019 R2 connected and syncing appointments etc with our Office 365 calendar events.

Some of our users when they post a new appointment or meeting via there Outlook, when it syncs to CRM calendar it shows the user whom is administrator as the organizer. This only happens for some of users but not all.

It is causing confusion as when I hover on appointments in CRM calendar it is showing me as the organizer (I am administrator) therefore I cannot see whom the organizer is until I open up the actual appointment.

any advise on what is causing this issue?


Martin - Lomas ME 

  • Hi Thomas,

    I have the same issue with version 2019R1. It is very confusing when displaying the calendar in day view 

    But the displayed field is not the organizor, it is the "created by".

    With the exchange sync, all appointments from Outlook are created by the adminiatrator. So displaying this field is useless and confusing...

    I hope it has been updated in 2020 versions...