login to Sage CRM Running in a Remote Server

We have installed Sage CRM Version 2018 in a remote server (Amazon Server).

When accessing it from our laptops and we type address where is the public IP, the login screen comes and on entering the user name and password it gives an error page (we are having trouble finding that Page).

On carefully looking at the URL, it shows http://ec2amaz-2334444/IBSCRM/eware.dll/go

where by ec2amaz-2334444 is the name of the server.

Why is Sage CRM changing the IP Address to the name of the server? how do I make it not to change the URL from IP Address?

The reason it shows an error page is because the server name ec2amaz-2334444 is not known by our laptops as it is the name of the cloud server. If I can make the CRM to always use IP address - then I wouldn't have problem.

All assistance will be greatly appreciated.


  • there is a possibility that multiserver has been configured in your setup , which is why it is moving to that server name. login into remote desktop and connect to CRM in the browser using the localhost or ec2amaz-2334444 server name.

    Login into CRM using Admin credentials and go to the Breadcrumb trail  Administration | System | Database.

    check if there is any multi server setup or values in there in the following areas

    DTLS Server Name

    Fully qualified CRM Web Server Names

  • Thanks so much.

    It has worked very well. The way I expected it to.