Sage CRM Custom Page

Hi All,

Can any one support me to fix the below issue.

I have a problem to view the custom page for the existing and the newly created page under the WWW Root.  The version is CRM 2019R2.

I checked the enable asp -->Parent path -->  True.

  • Is the path to the include file correct?

    <!-- #include file ="sagecrm.js"--

    Are other ASP files working?

  • none of the page is working.  even though the hadler mapping for the crm have the read and write permission.  a simple code to list of person added in the custom page.  its showing 500 internal error not the exact error

  • I typically get that error (500 - Internal server error) if there is an error or problem in my asp page (usually syntax).

    If the page is all javascript between <% and %>, I would copy it and paste it into  This will help you find syntax errors that you might not be seeing.

    As Jeff indicated, the page must include a "Include" file.  In addition, your page scripts must be surrounded by <% and %>.  Therefore, make sure those are at the beginning and end of your script.

    So your page looks like this if it is in the CustomPages folder...

    <!-- #include file="sagecrm.js"-->

    //Your code here


    Hope this helps!

  • Just adding to Michele's answer. 

    It also depends if your ASP page is in a folder under CustomPages, then you need to change the include to where the include file is located. For example if it is just 1 level under CustomPages -> Test -> MYASPPAGE.ASP, then the include should be

    <!-- #include file ="..\sagecrm.js" -->

    Note the ..\ before the file name.
    Also best way to test is just create a simple ASP like the following:

    <!-- #include file="sagecrm.js"-->

    Then start adding to that page to see if the error pops up again.
    Debugging ASP pages is very important!

    Good luck!

  • Bad luck for me

    There is problem in the IIS or the roles and service please support me to resolve this issue.