Sage CRM API Address Type

How do you specify a type value (e.g. "Billing", Shipping" etc.) when adding an Address Entity via the Sage CRM API (webservice.add). I can't see a relevant field in the list below:-

address1, address2, address3, address4, address5, addressid, addressidSpecified, channelid, channelidSpecified, city, companyid, companyidSpecified, country, createdby, createdbySpecified, createddate, createddateSpecified, idlocation, intforeignid, intid, intidSpecified, intlastsyncdate, intlastsyncdateSpecified, locationdescription, personid, personidSpecified, postcode, promote, state, timestamp, timestampSpecified, updatedby, updatedbySpecified, updateddate, updateddateSpecified, uszipplusfour

  • By default the address link table is not exposed within the Web Service interface.

    This can be done by updating the information in the custom_tables meta data table.

    To expose the address link table use the following SQL

    update custom_tables
    set bord_webservicetable = 'Y'
    where bord_name='address_link'

    You will then need to refresh the meta data to ensure that the WSDL is updated.
    The web reference in your Web Service application will also need to be updated to ensure that the new address_link object is available.