Migrating Exchange integration from one EWS URL to another

I have been advised by a customer's IT that they are moving the existing Online Exchange to another which will require changing the EWS URL.

They have confirmed that all the mailboxes etc are all being migrated like for like.

The Exchange integration doesn't allow for changing of the URL once setup so my questions are:

Can I just change the URL in SQL or do I have to delete the existing Integration and create a new one with the new EWS URL?

If all I need to do is to change the EWS URL in SQL, are there any other changes that I will need to make?

If I need to delete the existing integration and create a new one, will this create duplicate entries because the Integration IDs will have changed?

If someone could advise and give me some direct instructions of the process it would very much appreciated.


  • Hi Langfield

    I've never done it, but looking at it logically, as mailboxes are being migrated that would imply items will retain their hidden Outlook IDs - to save on duplicates being created, so yes just editing the 'EcngIntegration' table in CRM with the correct details will be enough. 

    Once changed, within CRM, you should be able to edit entry to 'reconfirm' the password to the database (and allow CRM to perform it's connection checks). 

    Are you able to take a copy and set it up in a test system, deselect all users bar one and attempt the change?