Person record not updating with MailChimp campaign results

I can view MailChimp campaign results in the aggregate from the Dashboard, but I cannot view them in the Person or Company record.

I'm using version 2018R3. Here is what the user guide says, but nothing is there. I contacted Tech Support and they suggested I pose the question here.

1. Open the Person or Company record for which you want to view the MailChimp campaign results.

You can quickly search for the record you want to open. For details, see Using Quick Find.

2. Click the Marketing tab and see the MailChimp campaign results.

Column Description

Campaign Name Shows the name of the MailChimp campaign that was used to email the recipient.

Group Shows the name of the Sage CRM group that was used in the MailChimp

Status Shows if the MailChimp campaign is saved or sent. Email Open Count
Shows how many times the recipient opened the email.

Clicked URLs Shows how many times the recipient clicked the links in the email.

Email Bounced Shows if the email has hard or soft bounced. For more information, see Soft
vs Hard Bounces.

Unsubscribed Shows if the recipient has unsubscribed from the campaign.