Is it possible to synchronize a multi-select field with Mailchimp tags system within a single contact list?

I have a multi-company integration in my current Sage CRM implementation.

I have a company type field in my contacts sheet.

Some values are related with 1 company while some other values are related with the others.

This is a problem regarding the unique list synchronization in Mailchimp for segmentation, because some contacts are duplicated in Sage CRM in different territories (territories = companies).

Is it possible to match a selection field (ou a multi-select) list of values with a mailchimp tag value ?

For instance, John Doe is a contact. In Company A, John Doe is a Distributor. In Company B, I have another contact John Doe is a Client. both have the same email of course (so for Mailchimp it is a unique contact).

I want that in Mailchimp, John Doe has both tags "Distributor" AND "Client".

Is it possible to achieve that settings ?