UserActionException,ErrMsg Invalid Integer


We started having an issue with Sage CRM 2019. Whenever there is an IISRESET or a similar occurrence, we start getting the following error whenever we select a company, select an opportunity, etc: UserActionException,ErrMsg Invalid Integer. Somehow, the only way to fix it until the next occurrence is to refresh all metadata from the Administration panel.

We have conducted tests for one hour today and I'm attaching the partial eware logs to this post. Is there any way to know precisely what is causing the error so that we can try to debug it? The error message on the screen does not give much information. Thank you.

Partial logs:


  • Hi,

    I think SQL logs should give more clarity on this or this could be due to some bad customization as well. 
    Since it is looking for integer value and it may be some ID value which is either missing or NULL and when it is falling in SQL query it is throwing Invalid Integer error.

    Also looking in to this log below errors are also falling on same process id. I would suggest you to run these query directly in SQL management studio query editor to see more details:

    mars 19 2020 10:20:43.510 34696 12528 1 ViewError,ViewName,Error:create vSecurityCustom_Tables SQLError
    mars 19 2020 10:20:49.822 34696 12528 1 SQLError : Invalid column name 'Bord_EnableSecurity' (

    CREATE VIEW vSecurityCustom_Tables AS SELECT * FROM Custom_Tables WHERE Bord_Deleted IS NULL AND Bord_EnableSecurity = 1

    Also in the error trace it is indicating TEntryAdvSearchSelect , Which means the issue is triggering from an advance search select field, so I would suggest to go to SQL logs and check what queries are running to find more detail and that SSA field.

    Like in this error the time error starts at "mars 19 2020 10:15:24.437" and ends at mars 19 2020 10:33:53.011 so you should be checking SQL logs between this time frame is most likely to point you to the issue.

    Cheers !

  • Hi Sharad,

    Thanks for your answer. I will look into it. However, one of my biggest question is: why does refreshing all metadata fix it temporarily? Do you have any idea on what could be the root?

  • This will give more clarity after looking on SQL logs.

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