Quotes and Orders missing as a primary entity

We are currently working on overhauling a CRM system.  We upgraded the system from 7.2 to CRM 2019.  While working in the system, we noticed that there is no Quotes or Orders entity.  However, we do see a Quotes Type entity.

How do we get Quotes and Orders to appear in the system?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

  • Found it.  It is in System Behavior.  I looked there originally before posting this.  However, it was not "clear" to me how to get Quotes and Orders to appear in the system as the reference was to Opportunities. 

    For the "Use opportunity items", if Opportunity Items is selected, Quotes and Orders will no longer appear in the system.

    Therefore, I changed this to Quotes and Orders.  I can now see the Quotes and Orders entities in the system! :-)