MailChimp Error when trying to save the configuration


When I try to save the MailChimp-Integration configuration in Sage CRM (after setting the API-Key and List-ID) I get the error:

EConvertError: '' is not a valid integer value

Has anyone encountered this error or knows the reason for it / How to fix it? The Sage support hasn't been very helpful so far...

  • Error in logs:

    Using Local server internally: https://localhost
    START - doEndpointPost URL: localhost:443/.../saveAccount
    FINISHED - doEndpointPost time-taken: 2094ms. HTTP status code: -1
    UserActionException,ErrMsg '' is not a valid integer value
    : EConvertError: '' is not a valid integer value<br>
    Creating stack-trace ID:3225783622. Error message is "'' is not a valid integer value"

    Steps to do:

    1. Go to Administation---->System-------->System Behavior------->Goto Custom Server name for Internal reqs:-------->Remove 's' form Https like Http://localhost Change & Save

    2.Goto Administration----->E-mail and Documents------>Documents & Reports Configuration------>

    Set the HTTP Port: 80

    Change & save

    Reset the IIS

    Try Again

  • The error in the log looked exactly like this, but when I tried your solution, we still get the same error

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