Send E-mail in workflow CRM (OnlineExits workflow) for table (onlineexits) :how can read fields from other table (goods table) send email from workflow (onlineexits workflow)

CRM Workflow to  Send email :

I create workflow  for table name (onlineexits) , I added rule for send email but I want use fields from other table in workflow 

how can use other table in send email in workflow

My workflow name is (onlineexits workflow)   , I added global rule name (Re-Send Email)

from rule ,I added Work flow action type send email ,In send email I wrote the description and details in e-mail

But I want to read fields in Details  from two tables 

1- onlineexits table 

2- Goods Table

How can I do this

I try but this cannot read from other table ,this read from only workflow table

Send Email in workflow and read field from other tableplease help me

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