Good afternoon - I would like to know how I can have our territories display in alphabetical order? Can anyone guide me how to configure our system to do so?

Thanks in advance,

Lomas ME

  • Hi Lomas, for the nature of territories and how they are used, they are not really supposed to be displayed in Alphabetical order, however this can be done using some customization of a JavaScript function that re-orders the list for you when the page loads. I will be posting a short blog post on Territory management soon and I will include that in the post as well.

  • Thank you Conrad, I agree for the parent territories but for sub territories (example print territory is region and sub territories are cities it suits us much better to show these listed alphabetically - alternatively for us would be a way to position the territory listing - as from what I have seen whenever adding a territory it just adds at the bottom of the list in the category it is placed.

  • Hi Lomas, I will be covering that in the blog post as well. Should be out this week still Slight smile. For sub/child territories it is very difficult to move positions like that.