Quality of support in Middle East?

Hello - we purchased Sage CRM in July last year as first step - with plan to follow on with Sage ERP afterwards. It seems that here in UAE support and knowledge for this product is very limited. We purchased from a Platinum reseller and to be quite frank they don't seem to even know how to support the system. Still it is not fully operational and until now they haven't been able to connect to our exchange server for email synchronisation...... also MailChimp will not work (both pretty standard requirements I would say!

anyone able to offer advise or guidance as to whom actually can help us in this region?

Lomas Middle East

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  • Thanks for sharing this.  You are now under the care of the Johannesburg office as L2 Support within Sage.  I work with the L3 Support team in Dublin.  We have a meeting scheduled with the South African L2 support team today at which we will discuss the general processes around support for Middle East customers (including yourself).  We will mainly be looking at the processes but your experience is part of this.  Your partner is responsible to delivering this first line of support, and diagnosing and resolving issues to do with the environment and we have to make sure that the process is working correctly.  [email protected]

  • Good morning - any update on this after your meeting yesterday?

  • The meeting was about the 'big picture'.  We talked about the processes involved in the South African office taking responsibility for the Middle East support and specifically the support that the Dublin office (the team of which I am a member) can offer the team in Johannesburg.  We have a plan and I have absolute confidence that the SA team will deliver this effectively.  Your cases were mentioned. I will check again with my SA colleagues.    

  • Hi Lomas, I'm handling the MailChimp case in South Africa at the moment for you. I'm in discussions with the business partner about the issue. I might have a quick solution for you, just need to iron out some details first. Will let you know if there is anything else to report. Your ref number in Johannesburg, South Africa is 158-88629

  • Well its the end of another working week in the Middle East........15 days since I raised this subject on the forum about support in the Middle East...... 15 days later and not one thing has changed..... still I don't have any exchange server synchronisation......... hey ho....