Quality of support in Middle East?

Hello - we purchased Sage CRM in July last year as first step - with plan to follow on with Sage ERP afterwards. It seems that here in UAE support and knowledge for this product is very limited. We purchased from a Platinum reseller and to be quite frank they don't seem to even know how to support the system. Still it is not fully operational and until now they haven't been able to connect to our exchange server for email synchronisation...... also MailChimp will not work (both pretty standard requirements I would say!

anyone able to offer advise or guidance as to whom actually can help us in this region?

Lomas Middle East

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  • If a case has been escalated from your partner to Sage ME then there would be a reference given to them.  If the case is then escalated from Sage ME to what is called 'Level 3' (they are in Dublin) then there would be a case reference for that.  I have access to the Dublin L3 system.  Your partner or the local Sage office should be able to give you the reference numbers as these are used to track performance.