Calculations with derived fields – is this possible?

I used a derived field on a screen (I used the derived field for a calculation).  When the screen is called, I get a message saying the field cannot be found along with a Safe Call Exception.  I am hoping that I just fudged something up along the way and that this is still possible??

I created the derived field using the Derived Field Wizard.  However, I did notice that a previous post regarding “How to add a Derived Field to Meta Data” can no longer be found.  Therefore, I am wondering if it is still possible to use a derived field and is it possible to add that derived field to a screen?

Any assistance is greatly appreciated!

  • Happy to discover that derived fields do work.  This turned out to be my error.  When I added the derived field, I created a new view and I failed to update my "FindRecord" script with the new view.  

    I was adding a panel to the screen with a dummy field and I included the name of a view in my FindRecord line (vCompanyCredit).

    In order to get some calculations to work, I had used the original view (vCompanyCredit) in the "from" clause of a new view.  The new view contained my calculated (and derived) field.  So instead of using vCompanyCredit, I was using vCompanyCreditCalc.  I used vCompanyCreditCalc to add the fields to the screen.  However, the panel was still using a record drawn from vCompanyCredit (I forgot to update it :-( ).  That view did not contain my derived field and that is what the error message was telling me.  I changed the view that the panel is using and the error message is resolved. :-)

    Thank you to anyone that reviewed my post! :-)

  • Thanks for circling back and sharing what helped you Slight smile

  • Stuck out tongue winking eye  I always try to post the resolution if I can..even if it is just my error.  Lol!

  • The article "How to add a Derived Field to Meta Data" probably was deprecated before the move to Sage City.  

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