Territory Read only access

Is there a way to have a user who is in the UK Territory have only read access to Holland Territory (using the demo CRM) and not have the ability to insert anything when on a record that is part of the Holland Territory. The security profile I have created with users home territory having View, edit, and insert and then the Holland Territory with only View ticked.

With this is a user in the UK territory goes to a record in the Holland territory I.E Company, they can't edit the record but they can insert new people, opportunities and so on, as it creates the record with the UK Territory.

It would be nice to be able to hide the insert buttons for the Holland Territory without having to resort to scripts on each tab.

  • You should be able to do this quite easily within the security profiles.

    First create a new Security Profile (UK and Holland), set all the rights for home territory as normal but then add Holland as an additional territory and only set Read against all the entities.

    Just set the UK user up with their home territory set as UK and this 'UK and Holland' security profile. Allows them all the add rights for UK but ReadOnly for Holland....

  • Unfortunately this doesn't work. As pointed out in the originally post - whilst you might have read only rights to any 'Holland' opportunity for example. It doesn't stop you creating a communication on the opportunity - it will just appear under a different territory (e.g. UK) so doesn't physically stop you creating it.

  • Back to school..... READ THE QUESTION Slight smile

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