DocuSign and SageCRM integration

Hi everyone - looking at integrating DocuSign with SageCRM.

Has anyone got any sound advice on the best way to bring the data comes back into Sage CRM ie. the web hook and call back as such.

Any advice hugely appreciated!

  • To allow a CRM user to select a template from docusign, I created a table to store the template name and unique template ID, when adding a template record to this table I am checking Docusign for all templates and populating a drop down. I created this table, because I then also have field mappings table. Anyway, to get the list of templates in CRM I make a call to docusign templates: (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(urlbase + "/templates"); I create a json object with the results and get the template name and id which i populate a selection field with:



    So when on a person record in CRM who has an email address, they can select a button to send a docusign template, which displays a drop down of the templates. They select one and press a send button. Sending creates a json object with template id and other values such as send status, and then an envelope is created with the json data.

  • I have a client interested in incorporating DocuSign into our custom Quoting solution built with classic ASP using standard Sage CRM metadata objects.  Let me know if this is something you might be interested in working on.  Thanks.

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