DocuSign and SageCRM integration

Hi everyone - looking at integrating DocuSign with SageCRM.

Has anyone got any sound advice on the best way to bring the data comes back into Sage CRM ie. the web hook and call back as such.

Any advice hugely appreciated!

  • the last i saw a video of how Sage CRM integrates with Adobe EchoSign, not sure if this is something your partner can help with the desired hooks to bring data back into Sage CRM

  • Thanks Kannan - yes I have seen the EchoSign integration but its with DocuSign I am specifically looking for help with!

  • I have done an integration with DocuSign where DocuSign templates can be sent out of CRM, which I am sending via code, not DocuSign UI, and on sending I cretate a library record and pull the document into CRM. On the system I did this on, the CRM was not available externally so I couldn't make any call backs from DocuSign directly. I created an executable that runs every 15 minutes(DocuSign api guidelines) which looks at library records that were created in CRM that are a certain status and calls DocuSign to get the status of the Envelope ID and if complete I pull the completed document in and update library information.

    I also have integrated CRM with PowerForms, in the same retrieval executable I check for completed PowerForms and pull those documents into a specific company for PowerForm handling into CRM, with options to create a company from the document which then pulls in the field data from the PowerForm.

    Since I have not used the webhooks, I can only recommend creating an executable that runs every 15 minutes to retrieve completed information. If you are sending the documents directly from DocuSign UI, then on the retrieval you could get the email it was sent to and match to an email in CRM to determine person/company, etc. With webhooks I believe on envelope status change you can have it call a listener file on the server via https, and have that file execute the retrieval.

  • Thank you matarazzo81 for your reply (and apologies for my delay in replying!). Processing the incoming email = tick. However its the sending out of the email within CRM and be able to select the DocuSign templates - am I missing something?