Workflow Rule Namechange

I have a rule with quite a few things going on in it. To make it's function clearer for the user, I tried to change the Rule name, to no avail. The name was different when I clicked on the rule, but stayed the old way everywhere else. Then I tried to set it up to clone it, hoping I could just clone it and name it the new name, but it took on the old name. Then I straight up recreated a new rule with the new name, and it worked! However, it was checked as enabled and as a global rule, and it didn't show up on my work flow.

Then I noticed (working on three servers) that one of the names changed on one of the three servers after I changed it back to the original name. Then I changed all three server names to the new name and refreshed the metadata with my fingers crossed. I now have one of the three servers with a changed name, and the other two are still the original name.

Why is the workflow being so difficult?

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