Workflow Rule Namechange

I have a rule with quite a few things going on in it. To make it's function clearer for the user, I tried to change the Rule name, to no avail. The name was different when I clicked on the rule, but stayed the old way everywhere else. Then I tried to set it up to clone it, hoping I could just clone it and name it the new name, but it took on the old name. Then I straight up recreated a new rule with the new name, and it worked! However, it was checked as enabled and as a global rule, and it didn't show up on my work flow.

Then I noticed (working on three servers) that one of the names changed on one of the three servers after I changed it back to the original name. Then I changed all three server names to the new name and refreshed the metadata with my fingers crossed. I now have one of the three servers with a changed name, and the other two are still the original name.

Why is the workflow being so difficult?

  • I have always found this to be the case, I end up doing the following

    1) Change the Rule name

    2) Go going to Customisation - Translations - enable 'Inline Translation mode'

    3) Go to the Workflow in question and click on the * next to the rule name and adjust it

    That seems to correct the problem, I don't know why changing the rule name normally doesn't seem to fully update the translation data.

  • I got 2/3 of the servers to behave, and it looks like it'll work! But, I do have one server that's giving me a "Caption and family already exist" error.

  • I know the problem, it means you have two rules with the same name (though in different workflows) the 'cheat' here is in the one you're currently trying to change, adjust the name of the rule slightly

    So lets say I'm adjusting a rule from 'Order' to 'Ordered', as part of the original problem the rule doesn't seem to adjust though, but when you do Inline Translation you can see the caption code has indeed changed to 'Ordered' but the UK Language still says 'Order' but when you adjust this and attempt to save it gives you the above error.

    In this case, go back into the Workflow and rename the rule slightly, so instead of Ordered I now call it 'Ordered1'

    Now when I go into Inline Translation Mode I can see the caption code now says 'Ordered1' and I'm able to adjust the UK language and save without error.

  • select * from Custom_Captions where Capt_UK != Capt_Code AND Capt_Family = 'WorkflowRule'

    This code will help you find the differences between rulename and UK Caption. Any direct edits in SQL will require a metadata refresh of the translations