Opportunity Closed - Task doesn't auto-complete?


I've noticed that when an opportunity is closed the associated task/s are not automatically marked as complete, is this intentional?

Do I need to have the close rule with a javascript condition or have a sql statement run when closing the opportunity to mark the tasks as complete?

Our scenario is that an opportunity is opened, a quote sent to the customer and a task created to follow up with the customer in 2 days time. However, if the customer comes back before that deadline then we'll progress straight to a sales order and close the opportunity.

This is where we'd expect the Task to auto mark as complete, but it does not. Does this mean the user will have to make sure they also mark the task as complete?

If so this seems rather inefficient.

Please advise, thanks

  • This is intentional. This is by design.

    You may think that the because the Opportunity is 'closed' that all outstanding work needs to be completed automatically but that is simply your understanding based on the way in which you have implemented "opportunities" within your company. Your assumption is that all tasks created during an opportunity life cycle are subordinate to the opportunity. But that may not be the case for all organisations.

    In fact Communications are separate entities and may have their own workflows that follow a independent path.

    If you wish to cancel those then you will need to include that in the design of the opportunity workflow. You may wish to use an escalation rule that runs to 'tidy up' communications.

  • Hi Jeff,

    I do see your point, thank you for the info.

    I've got a sql statement that'll run to mark any outstanding communications as complete for the specific opportunity that's being closed.

  • Hi Will, I expect my chances are slim here being this happened a few years ago, but would you possibly have that SQL statement to share?  I need to do almost the same, but rather completing quotes when opportunities are closed.  It would be great to see how you went about that for the communications.  Thank you!  Kevin

  • Hi Kevin

    The one for communications would have been something like

    UPDATE Communication

    SET comm_status = 'Complete' 

    WHERE comm_opportunityid = #oppo_opportunityid# and comm_deleted IS NULL