Snapshot Survey: Removal of MAPI option for Email Management

This is the second of a series of snapshot surveys about features within Sage CRM.

Sage wants to better understand how customers use each feature and how we can update CRM to better shape the product around a business's needs.

Sage is considering removing MAPI as an option for Sage CRM 2022 R2.

Within Sage CRM the MAPI protocol is one of the options for Mailbox access that can be configured for the Email Management.

Please answer the question below and use the response area to provide additional commentary.

  • The following questions are meaningless because we don't utilise email management. The Outlook Lite Plugin is what we use. Email Management is not the future answer for documenting email communications, and we sincerely hope that it is not. It's quite 'old,' and newer people are used to much sleeker interfaces. 

  • Hi William

    As per my earlier comment, the Email Manager is not a replacement of the Outlook Plugin, it is for the automation of handling of generic emails (e.g. [email protected] or [email protected] type email accounts) rather than any individual's mailbox

  • Many years ago when I first started to implement and support Sage CRM (version 5.8) the Email Management feature was used as a way of filing emails into CRM.  At the time it was referred to as File IT if I remember correctly.  The Outlook plug-in did exist but it was there for synchronisation of calendar only (and maybe contacts, I can't remember).  It was only with later releases of Sage CRM that the Outlook plug-in was enhanced so that it could also file emails.  This was a massive improvement as using the Email Management feature was a 'clunky' way to file emails.

    Sorry to stoke the fire again but the following quote from a previous post to me indicates that the plan is to go back and use Email Management as the primary way to file emails, presumably dropping support for the Outlook plug-in altogether.

    "Sage is currently redesigning its Email Management features for Sage CRM 2022 R2 due to be released end of July 2022.  This redesign will remove all dependency on browser plugins."

    If I am completely misinterpreting this then please correct me.  I hope that I am completely wrong and that the Outlook plug-in will continue to be part of Sage CRM in future releases.  A large proportion of the system I support implement the Outlook plug-in so that emails can be easily filed from Outlook into Sage CRM.  This feature is not a 'nice to have' but is seen by many to be a critical piece of functionality within the application.

    I am fully aware that Email Management allows records like Leads and Cases to be created automatically from emails.  This is different functionality from that of the Outlook plug-in.  But Email Management can be used as a replacement for the Outlook Plugin (in situations where Outlook is not available it is) and there is concern that Email Management will be used as a replacement for the Outlook Plug-in.

  • I would refer you my earlier answer

    This question is ONLY about whether MAPI is needed for the Email Management Service aka Advanced Email Manager. 

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