Snapshot Survey: Removal of MAPI option for Email Management

This is the second of a series of snapshot surveys about features within Sage CRM.

Sage wants to better understand how customers use each feature and how we can update CRM to better shape the product around a business's needs.

Sage is considering removing MAPI as an option for Sage CRM 2022 R2.

Within Sage CRM the MAPI protocol is one of the options for Mailbox access that can be configured for the Email Management.

Please answer the question below and use the response area to provide additional commentary.

  • Can I ask why you are looking to drop MAPI support in CRM 2022 R2?  The majority of our clients are running some form of Exchange (either on-premise or Office 365) and in that case MAPI is obvious choice.  The Email Management functionality is something which it not implemented that often as clients prefer the to use the Outlook Plug-in to file emails as it gives the end user visibility of where the email is being filed to.

    In a previous post it states

    "Sage is currently redesigning its Email Management features for Sage CRM 2022 R2 due to be released end of July 2022.  This redesign will remove all dependency on browser plugins."

    What exactly does this mean?  I remember when the Outlook plug-in did not file emails (versions 5.7 and earlier if I remember correctly, it was quite some time ago). The Outlook plug-in was purely there for calendar sync.  When the ability to file emails via the Outlook Plug-in was introduced it was a greatly received feature.  The Outlook plug-in is a feature used by ourselves and the majority of our clients.

  • We don’t use email management, so the remaining questions are irrelevant. We us the Outlook Lite Plugin. We’re really hoping that Email Management is not the future solution for recording email Communications. It’s very ‘legacy’ and modern users expect something much slicker. 

  • Don't forget that the Email Management system can be used in addition to the Outlook Plugin.

    Emails received to a user's inbox would be filed by the plugin. but the EMS would be used to handle leads from a website to create new leads (much prefer this method over Web-to-Lead as you don't need to expose CRM to the outside world if you don't need to), or if a customer emails [email protected] and have it automatically create a case and email back the reference number.

    How else would you handle automated inbound emails for Leads or Cases? Reliance on a user to file emails can lead to emails being missed 

    A lot of 'modern' systems have some kind of handling of inbound emails for these kinds of situations. So would definitely be a hindrance for it to be completely removed. 

    Personally I think the Outlook plugin is very limited and would love for it to be a bit more feature rich (e.g. being able to create new people if they don't exist in the database). But then there is always Accelerator from CRM Together

  • Thanks, yes of course email management has its uses for automated filing, but the vast majority of our CRM customers rely upon the spontaneous filing of emails, and do expect users to be able to apply their own discretion in deciding which emails to file (and how). 

  • Please can we keep the thread focussed on the use of the MAPI protocol and whether it's continued support is required.  This is specifically about Email Management Server Options ( NOT the Outlook Plugins.