• Opportunities without order

    Was wondering if there was any way to view all of the quotes/opportunities that we have created that do NOT have an associated order attached to them. We want to follow up on all of our unfulfilled quotes in one batch without missing any due to human…

  • Record does not exist in CU_OrderQuoteTracking_bus

    Hello All,

    I notice a client is getting this error all the time in their Sage 100 CRM Activity log. "Record 0001 does not exist in CU_OrderQuoteTracking_bus", anyone ever see this before? 

    They seem to be having an issue with the orders/quotes…

  • An unexpected problem has occurred. Please try again or contact your administrator for assistance accessing quotes or orders in CRM

    Hi there.

    Have an issue with the above message when accessing quotes or orders via opportunity in CRM
    They are on 2018 R3

    I have gone in and re-entered the pw under administration> user> Sage access in CRM. It sorted the issue for the user with the exception…

  • Quote - warn user if there are no line items. How to?

    Help please! I need to add a prompt to the system to warn users if they have not completed the Line Items for a Quote.

    When a quote is created the "header" record is created and then you click on the New Line Item button to add the "detail" records.…

  • Quotes and Orders missing as a primary entity

    We are currently working on overhauling a CRM system.  We upgraded the system from 7.2 to CRM 2019.  While working in the system, we noticed that there is no Quotes or Orders entity.  However, we do see a Quotes Type entity.

    How do we get Quotes and Orders…

  • Table level script on Opportunity auto created by Quote

    I am working in a system that auto creates an opportunity when a quote is created.  I would like for some data from the quote to be populated on the opportunity.  A simple example would be the Quote Reference ID.  I would like this to populate in the description…

  • Quote - Add field to web picker -- not saving

    Help please!  I want to add a field to what I think is considered the "web picker" on a quote.  Based on my understanding of the new quote screen, the area that I want to add a field to actually is representative of the opportunity record and…

  • Include In Quotes Total

    Anyone have any idea how I could use the 'Include In Quotes Total' field in a Sage 100 integrated version of Sage CRM, either by displaying the change summary button or perhaps another way?

  • Use Built-in Quote Function

    Does anyone know if its possible to use the built-in quote function that CRM has when you are also integrated to an ERP?

    I have a client that wants to be able to input 'Sample Requests' for products, they really aren't orders or quotes, so they don't…

  • Workflow and Pipeline for Quotes/Orders

    Hi All, using Sage 100 Integrated with Sage CRM

    I have read through a bunch of posts and I see some of you might have similar questions already but I wasnt quite getting the answer I needed so I want to post here and explain:

    In our Company, an opportunity…

  • Question re Quoting Tool in Sage CRM.com

    Has anyone / does anyone know how to create a search / filter that searches WITHIN the quote documents themselves in Sage CRM.com i.e. the user wants to search by part number, within the proposal / quote. Or any workarounds on this?

  • Approval workflow for quotes / orders

    Hi all,

    we're looking for a "small" workflow which assures, that quotes / orders which contain a discount higher than 10% needs to be approved by a sales manager before they're sent out.

    According to the post in this community (https…

  • Sage 300 ERP (2012) and Sage CRM (7.2) Integration - external access

    We have a Sage 300 2012 / Sage CRM 7.2 installation with integration between the two. All was working fine until we made the CRM accessible external to the network, and used a non standard port (not port 80). We have most of it back up and running with…

  • Is it possible to use data upload feature in CRM to upload quotes?


    So my question is, is it possible to use data upload feature in CRM to import data for quotes?

    All thoughts and suggestions are welcome.


  • Quote Item Delete Permission

    What permission (set of permissions) are required for a user to be able to delete line items on a quote? Trial and error is a slow less than fruitful process at this point.

  • Line Items


    I have a system whereby when a quote is created there is an automatic line item added which is a delivery charge applied to all quotes and orders. Each customer record has a delivery charge on their company record from where the value is pulled for…

  • Quote/Orders issues

    I can't pin down any particular problem here other than I have 2 situations that, in my opinion, I should not be in.

    The first is that I have orders in my system that have reference numbers in the form "QT-1234/1". Obviously this is the quote reference…

  • add button to main menu with menu


    can i add button to main menu and sub button when click on it like shown in image i try to do this but System Act make it hard

  • Adding new button to Quotes page

  • Not using line items


    I have a new customer that is using opportunities but they have enquiries and bookings to replace quotes and orders. When I create a new quote (enquiry) all the details of it are captured on the quote summary screen. How can I stop the new line items…

  • Quotes and Orders Missing

    Hello again!

    I have been experiencing an issue in SageCRM Cloud as of late. We run a weekly report that gathers quote and order data, activity data and Lead data for the previous week and last 30 days. I received 2 complaints from the sales team today…