• Can I use CRM escalation to send out an email that is currently filed as a communication with it's filed attachment?

    I am using Sage CRM 2020 R1.

    I am using the email manager service to pick up emails and create a communication in CRM. Every email has attachments.

    Depending on some logic, I want to be able to send the email and attachment out to another recipient.

  • Updated fields not showing on communication screen

    I made some changes to fields on the Communications screen, however we're seeing an issue where not every screen is showing the update.

    We changed the date fields to:

    ^^this is a communication accessed from Communication Search>click into Subject…

  • vCommunication - Show unique/distinct Comm_CommunicationID

    Hi all,

    Apologies if this has been asked before. I could not find it, if it exists.

    In a lead, under communications, if a user has filled in a recepient, a CC and a BCC, there will be 3 records in the CommunicationLeadList

    Is there a way to only show…

  • Data migration Sage CRM to Sage CRM -- insert failed

    I am currently working on migrating data from one Sage CRM system to another.  The current system was established in 2006 and for many reasons needs a "fresh start".

    My biggest challenge has been the communications records.  There are about 350…

  • Email Reply to different than sender

    Client is using CRM 2020 R1 and they would like to be able to select a different "Reply to" mail box.  I don't see the field on their version but in My CRM 2021 R1, the field is there for template creation and in the email editor.  Was this…

  • Run a report/search of all companies/clients who have not been communicated with from a specific date

    I want to know if it's possible to run a report or run an advanced search to find all companies/clients where my company has not filed a communication in the company record since May 1, 2018. Is this possible to do without writing a SQL code? Is there…

  • Send email from Order to other than customer

    When sending an email from an order, the "To" field automatically defaults to the customer's email when sending the email from the communications tab.  Is it possible to default to another email address after selecting a specific email template…

  • Hide the new appointment entry screen


    Can someone show me how to hide the new appointment screen from certain users.

  • Increase File Size Limitation

    Can someone advise if there is a way to increase the file upload restriction. You can set it to 10, 20, 30 but no more. I've followed various articles that say you can just add more options in the selection list through through Inline Translation. However…

  • Outbound Call List. View Person Communications.

    When using the outbound call list feature, users would like to be able to see the communications tab of the person being called.  I don't currently see how to add that.  Is it possible?

    When you click on "Get a Call", you are presented with a screen…

  • Communication tab not working for custom entities in Sage CRM 2019 R1

    I am trying to create custom entity (say Contract) in Sage CRM 2019 R1 with Advanced Customization wizard.

    While creating Entity with Advanced Customization wizard, we have selected Owned By Opportunities, Has Communications and Has Library options only…

  • Adding new field 'country' to Phone/Email screen

    Hi ,

    I would like to add a new drop down field country onto the Phone/email screen of the company. The phone number field of the company needs to be validated upon the country entered. As european numbers differ from other numbers, this would be better…

  • Adding a new field to 'Proposal Submitted Page'


    I am a beginner to sage crm. I played around with the application but I wanted to add a new field "probablity%" onto proposal submitted page. I tried for inline customization,but I am not able to see inline customization that page, whereas it was…

  • Ability to confirm if a communication has been responded to


    I am a new admin to Sage CRM however I have been a user for quite some time. I I am trying to build a report that will tell me if any Email In/Phone In Communication types have been responded to (and by way of further enhancement in what timeframe…

  • Daily Email for Tasks


    Is there any method to make CRM send an email/report to all users on CRM every morning that lists all the communications assigned to them for that day?

    I figured an escalation rule with an email, but if I put on communication fields, I'm not sure…

  • Default landing tab -- Company/Person

    When a user selects a company or person from a search screen, the system takes them to the appropriate summary page.

    Is it possible to direct the system to land on the Communications tab rather than the summary page?

    We are currently working with a sales…

  • Mail Merge Help!


    I am currently setting up a mail merge document. All works fine, however, I am struggling with getting 'Contract' information to pull through. To set the scene I have created a handover document which pulls information from the company entity…

  • Sage CRM gives error "Unexpected Event occurred" while filing emails with smile characters(emojis)

    One of our client is having problem filing an email with emoji characters. I cannot see any resolution for this issue. Help needed as soon as possible.

  • Change the default appointment duration

    I want to change the default duration of an appointment from 30 minutes to 1 hour. Is there any direction on how to accomplish this?

  • Add Field To Company Dropdown

    Is there any way to add fields to this company drop down list?

  • Changing Communication list fields

    My company is using Sage CRM 7.2.e.1.

    I have had an employee ask me to change the fields included in the marketing/waves/communication list. I see that in the communication tab, it simply calls communicationlist. How can I change what columns are shown…

  • Escalation Rules and Overdue Tasks


    I've been looking at creating an escalation rule that will send an email notification to the user that created the communication to inform them that their task is overdue.

    I can't seem to get this to work however. I've taken the pre-built 'Communication…

  • Mailchimp not creating Communications for all recipients


    Background: We are using Sage CRM 7.3b On-Premise. We had experimented with Mailchimp for E-marketing integration, then tried Swiftpage, but ultimately went back to Mailchimp.

    We did our first 4 campaigns this week. The results of the campaigns…

  • Searching Communications

    We are using Sage CRM 7.2.e.1. Part of our standard practice is to utilize the Outlook integration to save emails to Sage CRM and then they get filed under the appropriate company. So far, so good.

    We can find the emails listed under the company, but…

  • Customizing the Order Communication and Quote Communication lists


    From where can I customize the communication lists for Order and Quote?

    I noticed that:

    Administration -> Customisation -> Communication -> Lists -> CommunicationList is implemented for Company, Contact, Case and Opportunity communication…