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We have a customer who uses several different workflows for cases (They are used as workorders in the system to track inspections and repairs.).

Since upgrading the customer to CRM 2022 R2, they have been receiving a message that they must enter the "Date completed" (case_datecompleted) field when originally creating the WorkOrder.  This system has been setup since at least 2019 and had been functioning previously without this issue.  The odd thing is that this issue does not occur everytime.  It seems random.  The first time it was reported, I was able to duplicate the error.  The next day, it was working fine for the customer and myself.  However, I had not made any changes.  Then a few days went by and I received a message that it was happening again.  Currently, when I create an inspection, I am not getting the error.  Therefore, it is hard to troubleshoot what is causing the issue.

I am curious if anyone else has experienced this since upgrading to 2022 R2 (required field message when there is no apparent requirement on that field.).  If so, have you been able to determine what is causing the case_datecompleted field to be a required field on creation of a case record and how to prevent it from happening?  I have reviewed what I believe to be the correct areas (ie field, screen, workflow).  However, I cannot find where this field is being required.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Michele

    The field case_datecompleted is not a default field so it will be one that has been added as part of the customization.

    There are 3 areas that I think you need to check.  The first is whether the field is defined as required with its definition in

    Administration → Customisation → Cases

    Fields tab and then the Field Security for the field case_datecompleted.

    The other 2 locations are

    1) The screens used e.g. casedetailbox - does the field case_datacompleted has a create script associated with it that sets the Required=true;


    2) The workflow actions (e.g. Display Field for Amendment) that may make the field required at that point in the workflow.


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    Check also TableScripts in cases. Here you can validate records as well.