Sage CRM - New 'Company' not showing in search

I'm new to Sage CRM and would like some help.

I've added a new Company to Sage CRM but when I do a 'Company' search it doesn't appear. However, it appears under a Person search. I double checked that I had entered the new record under 'Company' and not 'Person'. I don't want the record in Sage 200 as its a 'Prospect'. Has anyone got any ideas what I'm doing wrong.

Thank you

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    Hi Nicholas

    One thing to check is when searching in the Company area, click on Clear on the right hand side first and then attempt your search. CRM will retain whatever you might have previously used for search criteria if you have been looking for other companies and forgot to remove a search value next time you return to the Find screen

    You should be able to create companies in CRM without them appearing in Sage 200. 

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    If you're using the standard search screen then the search is done based on the view rather than search indexes. If your company is called "My big company", then try putting "%big%" in the company name search box (without the quotes) which will search for any company with "big" in it's name.