Data cleaning

Hello, is there any data cleaning native system into SAGE CRM ? I found company to standardize names but nothing around email cleaning (deduplication, errors....)

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    Hi Rokia

    The only tool is the dedupe one which would kick in at the point of creating a new record (Company, Person or Lead). If DeDupe it turned on (Administration | System | System Behaviour and DeDuplication = Yes) 

    Plus you can add in rules either on a 'replace' bases (for checking) for example Ltd is seen as the same as Limited, or on a 'remove' base (just for checking) so 'The' is ignored. 

    So if I had 'ABC Ltd' already in the system I can create rules that would make entering a new company with any of the following names flag up a dedupe warning (notice this is only when attempting to create a new company)

    ABC Limited
    A.B.C. Ltd 
    The ABC Ltd

    Or any combination of the above. You could include email address for Leads,

    But for Person or Company (and technically Leads) you can from version 2020 R2, enable 'Detect Duplicate Emails' in System Behaviour, which will also prevent the entry of an email address if it already exists anywhere in the database (but a Lead, company and Person can have the same email address, but two People records can't)