Deactivate membership if more than 3 years of inactivity

Hi all, may I know if there is a way to handle membership status in Sage CRM?

I have come across a prospect, which is running a Youth Club Association. They are looking for a system to handle membership. One of the requirement is that the system should able to identify member which has more than 3 years of inactivity, then automatically suspend/ deactivate the status of the membership.

Understand that out of the box, Sage CRM doesn't able to do so, unless we customize it.

But I just want to find out, is this feasible to do so in the system, if yes, how long does it takes to customize it?

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    I am going to make the assumption that 'activity; is a status that is recorded within a field on the contact. So you may be using the pers_status field for this.

    You can certainly use escalation rules to automatically change data. You can also use external scripts to run a check and update. I'd probably give myself 3-5 hours to do the headscratching on how to do this and test it.

    BUT the hard question has to be 'who is activity defined'. Is the activity the updating of fields within the person record, or the addition of new communication records? or does the person need to logon via a self service portal?

    What is the activity that is going to be measured?

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    Hi Ralph

    I agree with Jeff, once you define what 'customer activity' is (e.g. Last communication with then, or if linked to an ERP system the last order raised?) then using Escalation rules within CRM, it could auto update the record to flag it as inactive. (done this before for an existing customer for their customers based on order history).

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    , have you evaluated CRM systems member relationship management ( ?