Troubleshooting Quick Notifications

I recently created some quick notifications (email) for cases. However, the recipients are not receiving the emails. I have checked the following:

- Confirmed that the escalation service is running and the use escalation service flag = "y"

- Confirmed that escalation rules are running in the system log. (i.e. I can see the escalation "pulse" in the log at a regular interval.)

- Confirmed that the criteria in the quick notification has been met

- Confirmed that the email settings are valid by creating an email in the system and sending it manually.

Can someone recommend other troubleshooting steps?



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    Good afternoon, Matt,

    Have you checked all of the logs to verify there were not any errors when processing the escalation rule?

    In many cases, the primary system log will show that the rules are firing consistently, but won't necessarily capture the errors. SQL Logs would be a great place to start if you haven't checked them for errors.

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    Do your rules make use of a stop clause - the concept that when the rule fires if changes or sets a flag referenced in the SQL clause that means that the email with not be sent again.

    You can check to see whether the flag is being set. If it is not then the rule action is not executing.