The beauty of Workflow: Putting it to use inside any business /2

The beauty of Workflow: How it drives Sales Force Automation

Last time, we spoke about the overall benefit of workflow across a business. This time, I wanted to draw out a few more ideas on persona specifics inside most business'.

To boost your sales team's success: It is often critical for a business to define a process, set goals, and track progress. Using workflow automation, you can build sales methodologies right into the system to ensure consistent follow-up. For example, you can automatically create a follow-up call reminder in your calendar after sending a proposal or quote.

With CRM maintaining the account history, you have the power to control how information flows through your organization. By implementing sales workflow(s), you can track every lead from first contact to final sales closure. Plus, with alerts and notifications automatically sent to representatives, you can remind your team when to call customers, follow up with prospects or check that orders have been received. For example, you can design a workflow so that input is required every time the representative interacts with the prospect to ensure a level of consistency in service, accurate tracking of pipeline progress and more. Putting workflow into your business makes everyone accountable so you can trust that your teams are following best practices and corporate approved processes.

Here are some ways you can benefit from sales workflow automation:

  • Standardize lead qualification and follow up protocol
  • Achieve consistency in prospect communication
  • Automate the approval of quotes and discounts
  • Automate and assign rules-based tasks
  • Improve analysis of pipeline progress

Within workflow, you can configure what are known as escalations - activating notification reminders and escalation rules. For example, when the system escalates an unsolved case, an email will be automatically sent to the team leader as part of the case workflow. Workflow can streamline many processes in your organization to improve the overall experience - for customers & employees. It improves overall experience levels by providing a repeatable process for information gathering, case escalation, and issue resolution.

And, with the visual workflow designer part of the Sage CRM propoistion, you are empowered to automate any process in your business. The tools are easy to use with the intuitive, graphical drag-and-drop tool that requires litle or no coding to implement. It's a solution to the critical need for businesses to deliver a superior customer experience - now & forever.