| Sage Reseller Partners | Upskilling your Business with CRM |

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Knowledge of your customers is a critical part of your goods or service offer.  Having "corporate memory" enabled by your own CRM system should be viewed as a key differentiator and a key to business survival.

Innovating your business to support differentiation in an increasingly competitive - and changing - world means making sure you are indispensable to your clients. But differentiation on services such as great customer support is just "table stakes" these days.

The more your company knows about customer needs - profile, history, needs and more - the better you can tailor your offer accordingly. If you know your customers are evolving similarly, it's time to extend & enhance your business to bring front office digitisation skills to these table stakes.  Providing this service offer - helping think, design & deliver CRM strategies to your customers - can help you retain customers for a longer period of time.

A good CRM implementation facilitates joined-up thinking, and from this, genuine value can be delivered. It enables individuals from all your customers' business departments to access the "right" information - so there are no mistakes about who their customers are, what they need, and how valuable they are to the business. 

Business is not just accounting for the past.  It's helping build a successful future.

Make CRM part of your foundational offer.