Revisiting the idea of Investing in CRM & the cost of indecision

Navigating through change is never easy. One set of indicators suggest an economic upturn, another suggests time horizons for recovery are further away than first thought. Because of this, often a company's base reactions is to continue in a defensive mode: cut all strategic projects and then wait until things improve.

But retreating could prove to be more detrimental in the long-term. Instead, these times of uncertainty could actually present new opportunities for companies that invest wisely in information technologies. Through the use of customer relationship management (CRM) software, companies can consistently deliver an exceptional and personalised service to their customers, achieve significant cost savings and ongoing productivity improvements, and even increase revenue share through focused selling.

What can you do?

Businesses need to look for practical solutions that will help them to maximise productivity and increase effectiveness across their operations. Companies that turn to CRM applications, drive through the kind of operational improvements needed to navigate through changing times - optimising revenue generating activities at a lower cost to the operating company.

Why CRM?

First and foremost, investing in CRM programs & tools helps protect revenue from current customers. It helps a company focus on delivering exceptional service necessary to safeguard customer loyalty. Additionally, by providing deeper insight into customer behaviour, CRM helps unearth latent revenue opportunities within your customer base for complementary products and services.

Why invest now?

Your customers and potential customers are facing identical cost pressures, and they have changed their purchasing patterns accordingly. In many cases, they will be spending less than before. But in all cases, they are looking for even greater value for money, and are far more discerning about potential purchases and potential suppliers. The ‘cost of doing nothing’, in respect of addressing your internal activities, is significant -- just think about your own organisation  (e.g.  releasing high cost staff from unnecessary administration, increasing service contract renewals by X% a year, etc.) and you will soon see where value can be extracted and, thus, the real cost of doing nothing.

How CRM can help your organisation

CRM is a business strategy, not simply a technology. In our changing times, CRM is an enabler - an essential operational and financial imperative for all small and medium sized companies.  We, at Sage CRM, recognise that the world you do business is constantly changing as is how you interact with customers & grow your business. Review our various words & videos on this site or contact us or your local reseller, to find out how thousands of our customers across the globe use Sage CRM every day to accelerate sales, drive business productivity and make every customer interaction count.