Preparing for the upturn: Focused Sales Management

Focused Sales Management
Sales are the lifeblood for most companies. Businesses cannot sit still & wait for things to commence, especially when generating revenue continues to be a priority. Even though customers’ current buying behaviour has made it even more difficult to sell in this environment, it’s critical that organisations maintain focus and discipline around their selling strategies. Businesses can continue to drive sales results both now and when the upturn comes with the right processes, structure and tools.
How Sage CRM Can Help
Sage CRM helps organisations to sell more efficiently, giving business owners the ability to focus on what matters to their customers now and as the economy gathers momentum.
-  Automated workflow and pipeline management tools eliminate unnecessary paperwork so the limited number of sales resources in the business can concentrate on selling.
-  Leads can be tracked from first contact to final closure ensuring that no opportunities are missed.
-  Pipeline management gives information on revenue and sales team performance, ensuring that time and resources are invested in the right places.
-  Ability to access customer information remotely maximises the productivity of sales reps and ensures customers are managed effectively at all times, regardless of their work location.
-  Integration with accounting & other systems enables teams to identify latent cross-sell opportunities within the customer base.