How to choose the perfect CRM solution for your business - part 5

Implementing the System

What is the best way to make the implementation process a smooth and successful one? Consider the following guidelines:

Create a blueprint
To smooth the implementation process create a 'blueprint' of your CRM related business processes with your consultant or software reseller. This document gives the team a pre-determined plan and a set of guidelines to reach your CRM goals

Prepare for modifications
One of the most common mistakes companies make is trying too hard to limit modifications to the selected packaged software. If you need software that can meet the unique requirements of your business be prepared to make modifications after installing the "out of the box" solution.

Provide good training
Good training is essential and provides the information, practice and involvement needed for your staff to get the most out of the software.

Test before launch
When it comes to something as valuable as your customer data, you will want to beta test every system component and make certain its functioning properly before taking the system live. Enter mock customer data and see how well the system receives and processes the information.

Plan for ongoing evaluation
Keep in mind that your CRM system will always be evolving. As a result implementation never completely stops. Ongoing evaluation of your business processes will help you maximise the benefits CRM can bring to your organisation.