How to choose the perfect CRM solution for your business - part 4

Select a System That's Right for You

Now that you've evaluated a number of possible solutions, its time to make a decision. Consider the following when selecting a software vendor:

Interview the resellers before the demo

Familiarise yourself with the various CRM solutions available on the market so you can be confident about your top picks when you shortlist the best options for your company. By interviewing as many software resellers as possible in advance you can avoid time wasted by sitting through lengthy, irrelevant demonstrations.

Pick the best three systems and ask each reseller to provide the following information:

  • Estimated licence cost for your implementation
  • Estimated build-out costs to adapt the system to your requirements
  • Timeframe for implementation
  • Annual support and maintenance costs
  • Training methodology and training costs
  • A plan for integrating your back office-systems as required

Insist on user friendly software

If your system is not user friendly, your staff won't be able to maximise the full benefits. Make sure you select a solution that's logical and easy to use. Ask the reseller these questions:

  • How easy to use is the software interface?
  • Can the interface be modified to more closely match the needs of my organisation?
  • How easy is it to navigate between modules of the software?
  • What type of software documentation and training will be provided?

Next time - Implementing the System