Getting started with Sage CRM in 5 days - part 2 of 2

By guest blogger, Ralph Garte of Timespare in Germany who has been working with the SageCRM for over 20 years, helping SMEs with the implementation of business solutions, as well as the successful development of businesses and business ideas, to help to make their customers' business more successful. 

We call it CRM in 5 days....

Out of the box, Sage customers receive an unprecedented deep and comprehensive bidirectional integration with their Sage accounts (ERP) system. Right from the start, the integration includes the necessary process logic for continuous business processes, synchronises master and transaction data and provides extensive real time data views of the required ERP data. 

Right from the start, all CRM screens and functions are optimised for use with ERP data. A multitude of ready-made CRM reports, evaluations and groups with typical ERP data are supplied immediately.

We deliver a ready-made high-performance Outlook integration (Accelerator from CRM Together) with optimized screens and functions, including ERP data to get started immediately. The “trick” is, we don’t waste time with discussions about elaborate individual adjustments or ideas that are not feasible at this point. Together with the client, we focus on maximum shortterm success. We deliver a ready-made Sage package. Nevertheless, we take into account the individual possibilities and already plan the next steps. We actively accompany the customer on his way to achieving all the basics and then scale the development

What do we achieve with “CRM in 5 days”?

  1. A clear common goal
  2. A reasonable budget and a very short implementation
  3. Big impacts in efficiency, teamwork and productivity
  4. An exceptionally positive user experience
  5. All the necessary basics for an extended CRM use, such as marketing, service and sales

What is achieved with the client?

  1. Integration of communication into the business process
  2. Significant improvement of data quality on the fly
  3. Extremely efficient and comprehensive contact management
  4. Mobility, Microsoft 365 Integrations and location-independent working
  5. More customer satisfaction

What experience have we had with this approach ?

We launched this package as a “product/method” at the beginning of 2020 and brought it to market together with some Sage business partners in Germany (Sage Line 100 is the ERP system name). The first surprise was that an unusually large number of Sage and other ERP customers were interested in these solutions. The second positive realisation was that this story can also be communicated very well by non-CRM salespeople and we were able to achieve great sales success.

The sales effort has also been reduced considerably, an average demo now only takes about 1/2 to 1 hour. And the project risk is extremely low for all involved. It is also very interesting that we were able to get quite a number of already existing Sage CRM customers back on the “right track” with this approach. - We are convinced that this is exactly the right solution or the right approach for Sage CRM Partners (and customers)

This article was originally written for The CRM Connect Magazine