Working with date and time data in Sage CRM: A round up of articles.

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Working with dates can be complicated. No matter the technology, JavaScript or SQL, Sage CRM implementers can feel pain.

When customizing Sage CRM, you can’t run away from date manipulation. Almost every customization an implementer builds will have some component where date/time needs to be obtained from the user, stored in a database, and displayed back to the user.

If you ask any consultant about their experience handling date and time data and they will probably share some war stories.

"Then will he strip his sleeve and show his scars."

The handling of date and time fields is not impossible but getting it right can often take longer than imagined.

This is a Round Up of the different articles that we have written on working with date and time fields. These should suggest some tricks that can help you avoid date/time distress.

Formatting Dates

General Scripting

Dates in SOAP Web Services

Validation of Data