User territory rights

Problem details

When I create a case for a company in a particular territory and assign it to a user from a different territory, the user is unable to pick it up.

Solution Details:

The easiest option would be to make sure that the ‘Use CreatedBy, AssignedTo and Team special territories’ option is set to Yes under Admin/Users/Security/Security Policies. This means that irrespective of which territory a user is linked to, the user will be able to see the case if it’s been assigned to him. Just make sure that this user has read access to companies and people as well.

Otherwise, you can give the user direct rights to the different territories by using the ‘User Direct Rights’ setting. You’ll be able to grant a user access rights to entities in a territory different from his own.

If you just want a user to see/work on a case that they’ve been assigned to, use the first option. This is easier to control as it’ll be on a case-by-case basis. The second option will allow the user to see all cases in another territory