Unable to proceed with Data Upload and Exporting reports to Excel or CSV

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The Data Upload function in Sage CRM is delivered via Apache Tomcat.

Generally, if your dashboards are working you would expect once the file has been uploaded to Sage CRM server from Data Upload screen (Step 1 of Data Upload process), you will be directed to the Configure Data Mapping screen which is step 2 of the Data Upload process. However, in certain cases instead of being directed to the Configure Data Mapping Screen, users have reported getting the error shown below on the screen.

In this instance the EwareSystem.log would show below error

Whereas, when trying to export a report to excel or CSV you will get below error in EwareSystem.log

Examine the value for the "Report generator maximum memory (MB):" parameter under Administration -> E-mail and Documents -> Documents & Reports Configuration. This parameter might have been set to 1024 MB by default on a new install or higher in certain cases by admin users as part of troubleshooting above issue. Setting this to 512 or 256 will fix this issue.

Whether you are then trying to export to excel or CSV and trying to perform a Data upload — both issues will be fixed. In case this doesn't get fixed after changing above parameter value restart Tomcat but restart is not needed on Sage CRM 2017 installs.

The cause of the issue is that every export to excel or data upload request that is received by Sage CRM, Sage CRM then tries to reserve an amount of memory in this parameter on top of the Sage CRM Tomcat service start up memory for the JVM heap. But the server may run out of space or a defragmented JVM heap cannot get contiguous memory locations - This may be common where application server is hosting other applications as well as Sage CRM. Or there could also be an issue where the SQL server is consuming more memory. This is discussed in more details in this article. Hence this issue would only appear when exporting reports to excel/CSV or Data upload.

  • OK so after doing some more investigation I figured out the issue and the solution. The problem was caused by having a Http to https rule enabled to force all http traffic to be redirected to https automatically. After switching this off I noticed in the log files that when doing an export a http://localhost call was being made which most likely would have been blocked when using the https url. So using the "Custom server name for internal reqs" found in System Behaviour, I changed this to be my fully qualified https dns name, switched on my http to https rule and everthing worked.

    I hope this helps someone.

  • Hi, I am having the exact same issue on 2018 R2 since upgrading from 7.3 I have tried the steps above but they don't make any difference. Also the log files are not showing the same errors as you have above. Here is the first line of the error in ewaresystem log

    ERROR generating excel file. HTTP status:500 Message: org.springframework.integration.transformer.MessageTransformationException: Failed to transform Message; nested exception is org.springframework.messaging.MessagingException: failed to transform message headers; nested exception is org.springframework.messaging.MessageHandlingException: nested exception is java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Task with given trackingId does not exist

  • Hi Gavriel,

    Great troubleshooting!

    There has been a KB article already published for the particular issue you have discribed community.sagecrm.com/.../1625.710-18249-export-to-excel-task-with-given-trackingid-does-not-exist-amp.aspx.

    The steps you have taken to resolve is exactly what needs to be done.



  • Hi Caili,

    Thanks for sharing this with us.

    Recently, I have found similar error can happen and EwareSystem.log showing only "Process exited with an error: 1 (Exit Value: 1) " for Data upload process. However, there were no issues when trying to export reports to excel/CSV. Hence, no error related to JVM in EwareSystem.log.

    We then found in this particular case the excel file was generated using Open Office for the data upload. This was causing the problem. Once the same file was opened using Microsoft Office Excel and saved as Microsoft Office Excel file, the issue with Data upload was resolved. System Admin guide states Microsoft Office 2010 or later is supported for creating excel/CSV file for data upload hence issue when using Open Office. help.sagecrm.com/.../DU_DataUpload_Step1.htm

    So if only Data upload has issue and not export to Excel/CSV then most likely it's the Data Upload file having an issue and not any system parameter.



  • FYI for anyone who may come across this error, I have also had this error show up in an import when in fact there were no Tomcat issues at all, then I found an illegal character in the import file which, once removed, worked fine.