Tomcat Troubleshooting Guide for Sage CRM - updated 2020

1 minute read time.

Apache Tomcat is a service that Sage CRM uses to perform functions that handles features in the core app of CRM. Apache Tomcat handles the redirects into CRM from the sdata sub-domain. These redirects are functions like the dashboard, calendar, exporting files and uploads. When the dashboard does not work, it might be an indication that the Tomcat service is having trouble in the back end and needs to be looked at.

When you get the dreaded "The Dashboard has experienced a problem. Please contact your System Administrator". It should not be a doom and gloom affair; it can normally be corrected with just a few steps and basic checks. 

Before doing any of these steps, you can check your Tomcat health status under the menu in CRM, Administration->System->System Health. This should show you if something is wrong with Tomcat and other CRM functions.

Here are my steps to diagnose Tomcat for Sage CRM

  1. Verify the logs. This is the first place you should start.
  2. Verify to see if the service is running.
  3. Verify if Tomcat is connecting to your SQL database.
  4. Verify your redirection ports in IIS.
  5. Verify your SDATA handler mapping and authorization.
  6. Advanced section.

For more logging and debugging, see the Advanced section, numbers 3,4,5. This will give more technical info on the debugging process or finding failed requests.

Let's look at each of these steps now.

  • I just tried Vega's approach and it didn't work for me, but I absolutely agree Tomcat has been a major pain since forever, and improving the troubleshooting experience, e.g. making the logs more readable, is a great suggestion.

  • On this new issue with tomcat, I tried my last one of reinstalling the IIS Aliases but it didn't work. After a lot of wasted time with this, came across an article on here

    For some reason, in the <install directory>/<crmname>/tomcat/conf the server.xml contained this line:


    <Server port="10101" shutdown="SHUTDOWN">


    I changed it to:


    <Server port="10102" shutdown="SHUTDOWN">


    Restarted tomcat and not the dashboards came up and the calendars started to display. I have no idea why 10101 was the default or why it didn't work or why changing it to 10102 fixed it but it did. I wish someone would come up with a better system that tomcat. It's been a pain since it was installed. Please explain the logfile and how you can configure it to give better information in the logs.

  • Reinstalling the IIS Aliases was the only fix for me.

  • Thanks Conrad for this article.  I just did a fresh install of CRM 2020 R2 on a windows 2019 OS with Sage 300 2021.1 and I ran into the dreaded dashboard not working error in CRM.  Looking at the catalina log file I found that Tomcat was shutting down because it was trying to configure port 10101 as its server shutdown port but the Sage.CNS.WindowsService was already listening on that port.  I manually modified the server.xml file in the tomcat/conf folder to use 10109 instead and that solved my immediate problem but it seems odd that two Sage installed programs would try to use the same port.