The essential guide to logging in Sage CRM. A round up of articles about managing logs.

1 minute read time.

Sage CRM provides a set of internal logging mechanisms that allow system administrators and implementors to monitor the operation of the system and to help diagnose the source of any issues that may arise.

If you are unfamiliar with controlling logging with Sage CRM then you may find this video a useful introduction. The video covers the knowledge needed to understand how to configure the logging levels for the main system screens, including SQL logs and System logs.

Within the Community site, several articles have been written that discuss logging that may be directly useful for developers wanting to extend the information added to the logs, to create their own logs and to have those logs included in the Sage CRM logging system screen.


Creating your own Custom Logs (using FileSystemObject)

Adding addition Custom Log Messages to the SQL Logs

Tomcat and SData Logs

If the Interactive Dashboard refuses to work, this could be a port conflict.
GCRM Logging for Sage CRM

MailChimp Logs