Sage CRM 2021: Simple Customization of Summary Reports

Summary reports, which show a quick overview of account information, are available from the Summary Report buttons of the summary screens for each of these system entities:

  • Companies
  • People
  • Opportunities
  • Cases

A summary report is made up of customizable areas.

  • Header content
  • Report output

The image below highlights the 2 of the areas of the report that can be changed. This is the header summary content and any graphs that produced by the sub reports.

Header content - This provides a summary of information from the current entity. For example, if you click on the Summary Report button in the context of a Company then the header content is made up of company summary information.

This is defined in the customization area as the screen 'CompanyReportSummary'.

Report output - This displays information from the entities linked to the current entity. For example the Summary Report in the context on a company will contain information about related opportunities, cases, and communications.

A Summary report is unusual in that the Header information is defined in a Screen block and the List output is defined using reports.

These reports are not accessed in the normal reports area but rather in the Customization area for each entity.

The reports can be customized. They are of the type 'List' report. But you can decide which columns you need and change the configuration to your requirements.

Importantly it also allows you do decide to include charts for each report.