Sage CRM 2022: Textpad Snippets

Less than one minute read time.

A revised set of Snippet files for Textpad 8 have been published.

These code snippets are a Clip Library for use with the TextPad text editor. (  TextPad is a useful general-purpose editor for plain text files.  The use of the Textpad snippets has largely been replaced by the use of the snippets contained in the SDK for Visual Studio but they still have uses in certain circumstances.

The Clip Library files contain example code that shows how to use the CRM API syntax and are productivity tools to help produce standard code. They can speed up the writing of code and help reduce the number of errors that can occur.

The snippets contain examples for

  • General ASP syntax
  • Sample JavaScript for business rules
  • Snippets for use in component editing
  • Simple Self-Service Snippets
  • Sample Snippets for building a Script Template for the Advanced Mail Manager